Garda's Lake - Torri 2021

Garda's Lake - Torri

The art retreat program  - Torri del Benaco, Lake of Garda
From September 9th to September 13th.


1st Day


14:00 Meet at the port of Torri del Benaco. 
Having become acquainted with each other, take a walk along the ancient streets, look into medieval courtyards, see poetic murals-letters created by Giotto students in the chapel of All Saints, talk about color symbols and destiny. 

16:00 The first lesson of painting. Sveta Perotti will paint a sketch in front of you, and tell you how to work with acrylic paints and mix colors, write boats and flickering reflections in the water. Inspired, you paint your sketch, and Sveta will tell you about the basic laws of painting on the example of your work and the transformational capabilities of the creative process. 

20:00 We will have dinner on the lake by candlelight. Let's try lake fish and local bread with nuts, share our impressions

2nd Day


9:30 After breakfast we meet at the harbor  and go to the medieval village of Crero. Here the hermit monks preached, following the teachings of San Siro, and in the place where once there was a prayer stone, a temple was erected with an amazing story. We will visit the temple and learn about how the early Christians of Monte Baldo retained the light.

3rd Day


9:30 We write an olive grove and a lake. After lunch, we settle on a hill overlooking the vineyards and paint an evening sketch. We go for a walk to the Comandolesi Monastery and the top of Rocca del Garda from where a dizzying view of the lake opens. This point is noted in ancient manuscripts, as the balance point of all elements and the place of transformation. Let's make a couple of sketches and go to dinner at a unique farm restaurant on the hills of the Garda. 

4th Day


Every artist knows that there is nothing more powerful for understanding their own creative nature than sketches at dawn. Sunrise meeting is healing in itself.

The cost of the tour is 700 euros, the price includes:

- Tour.

-Transport during the tour.

-Master classes.

-Rent easels


Are not included in the price:

- Lunches and dinners

- Hotel

- Materials. Canvas, a set of acrylic paints, brushes. 


For your convenience, we can provide you with a complete set of materials that you will use during the tour. 


The cost of the package is 150 euros. The package includes: 12 large tubes of paints, 
6 canvases, 3 brushes.

Garda's Lake - Torri 2021