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Sveta Perotti

Sveta is a well-known artist, scholarship holder of the Academy of Arts, co-author of the Perotti method of intuitive painting.
Svetlana Perotti was born in Moscow; Surikov.

From the first steps of teaching painting, the professors noted the unusual color talent of Svetlana Perotti. Svetlana's teachers at the Moscow State Art Institute were such famous painters as R. Lebedeva, N. Merkushev, as well as the legendary artist of the Russian theater M. M. Kurilko-Ryumin, who had a serious influence on the formation of Perotti's unique creative style.

My Story

After graduating from the institute, Svetlana Perotti not only painted, but also worked as a production designer in Moscow and foreign theaters. With great success, several solo exhibitions were held in Moscow, followed by exhibitions in Holland, the USA, Germany and Italy.

The turning point that shaped her approach to creativity as a pilgrimage to herself was a trip to the Himalayas. Returning to India again and again, Svetlana discovered new laws of perception and construction of a picture, and also became interested in the Eastern vision of teaching art. In 2001, in the Himalayas, not far from the estate of the Russian artist N. Roerich, a meeting took place between Svetlana and her husband Federico Perotti, which opened a new page in their spiritual biography.

Today Svetlana Perotti is the founder of the Perotti School of Art , the School's leading teacher, spiritual guru and mentor to more than 1000 artists of all ages, author of more than 20 articles on the philosophy and psychology of teaching creativity from the basics, co-author of the international project of unique creative programs around the world Perotti Art Tour.

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