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Plein air tour experience

The plein air experience with the Perotti family of artists is a new kind of exciting journey and self-discovery.

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plein air tour.jpeg
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What is Plein Air Painting?

“En Plein air” is a French term meaning painting “in the open air”. Plein air painters are challenged with rapidly changing light conditions and bravely paint in all sorts of weather.

To paint plein air is to learn to see and not just to look. Witness subtle differences in tones and hues of colours and how the changing light make every moment magic. We will make a number of sketches and paintings that you might work out again once at home/studio or simply frame them and hang them straight to the wall!

How is organized?

Our mission

Our students are people from any walk of life and painting experience. 
We want to make people happy through creativity and to see things in life from a different point of view. Find a new balance within oneself. 
Have people with same kind of interest an hobbies meet with one another.

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