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Kiko Perotti

Kiko is an Italian artist, one of the ten best painters in the world working in the style of botanical painting. The founder of the direction "Spiritual Botanical Painting" and the author's course of the same name. Author of the method of intuitive painting and co-author of the international project "Perotti Tour".

Prize-winner of the Royal Hortus Society , UK.

My Story

Kiko, born in Verona, Italy, has had a lifelong passion for nature which has taken him across the globe from the American National Parks to his beloved Himalayas where he roamed for eight years. While traveling, he studied several Asian painting styles with local masters. These styles ranged from Chinese to Tibetan tanghka painting, from Persian to Mughal miniatures (Rajasthan). He loves painting flowers and draws on his wealth of experience and techniques to capture their beauty in stunning portraits. 


After magically meeting with his wife-to-be, Svetlana, in the Himalayan mountains, Kiko moved to Moscow where he started sharing his skills as a teacher of botanical painting. In Russia he studied further into the history of art and enjoyed learning about many of the great European painters.   


Together with Svetlana, also an accomplished artist, Kiko founded The Perotti Art School. The Perotti school is one of the most innovative and original art schools in Moscow, basing it’s teaching on the Perotti method. A unique and enjoyable teaching and learning practice specifically developed by Kiko and Svetlana to teach, encourage and develop artists from beginners to experienced painters.

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