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Ретрит Вендемия.
Танцы в бочках.

Immerse yourself in a see of Tuscany's flavors, breath the fat earth and spices, taste fresh olive oil spread on warm ciabatta bread, roam through a sunflower field and find  your balance admire Jacopo Ligozzi masterpieces. Imagine yourself dancing to the sound of Italian folk music drinking a glass of aromatic Chianti while admiring a starry sky. Every living being should dance at least once in a vineyard and connect oneself with the earth and the stars up above.


1° Day

September 28th

13:00 We meet in the estate high up in the hills, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.
We will live in an ancient mansion with a magical area of figs, cypresses, thyme and roses.  With turquoise thermal pool surrounded by lavender.


- Learning the history of the castle.
- We will paint first sketch in the valley of the vineyards.
- Wine tasting in the cellar of an Etruscan temple.  The philosophy of Tuscan wines 
- How to distinguish the quality of wine.  A light dinner based on organic products.
- Legends and history of the village.  The story of the silver angels.

2° Day

September 29th

Getting to know each other through colors. Apple and blackberry pie early in the morning for breakfast. Enjoying the aroma and taste of Tuscan coffee. Watching the fog rising to the sky and disappearing in thin air while birds poking  are chirping and @
Let go of our thoughts, and the first sketch will appear in front of charge with your unique energy. We will tell you how to enjoy the creative process, enter the stream of love, mix the colors so that they will look always clean and neat.

3° Day

September 30th

Hot and fragrant breakfast under the olives. Creativity as a form of meditation. I'm painting some quick sketch in acrylic. Learning to approace the painting observing the Tuscany hills, cypresses and vineyards.  Learning to paint air.

LUNCH: Tuscany homemade pizza. 
Let's go to the town of Volpaia! Prophets and astrologers have lived here since the Middle Ages.  Here wine is made according to 5,000 year old recipes. The inhabitants of the town are descendants of ancient priests. Walk in the city, legends, secrets of underground lakes, history of magical foxes and FIASCO words.

4° Day

October 1st

Dance on the edge of yourself - Vendemmia!

Painting in the early morning sunrays. Festive breakfast. In an incredible flow and cycle of energy, we collect grapes together with the farmers of the country to the sound of the Italian folk band Quarto Podere's music. We will tell you about the traditions and songs of the Vendemia. On the meaning of the choir and the genuine energy of the earth that pours into the woman in dance. Dancing in the barrels crashing grapes. Dancing barefoot on the ground. Tell the villagers about the traditions of vendemmia.

5° Day

October 2nd


Breakfast. Let's paint at dawn. Farewell to the magical land of Chianti. 



The price of the program is 1400€ per person


The price includes:
Painting lessons (2 per day).
Authors' master class.
Transportation within the program.
Entrance tickets to museums.
Rental of easel and palettes.

Not included:
Transfer from/to the airport.
Lunches and dinners.

Materials.Canvas, a set of acrylic paints, brushes.

You can carry your own material with you or 

for your convenience, we can provide you with a complete

set of materials that you will use during the tour.

The cost of the package is 180 euros. The package includes: 12 large tubes of paints, 
8 canvases, 3 brushes.


The cost of a double room is 250 for two and 200 Double used as single.

Tuscany, Chianti 2021

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