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North Garda's lake - Malcesine

In the northern part of Garda, in a bay between golden rocks and the island of Dreams, is the village  of Malcesine. Once here you find yourself in a parallel dimension. The city was cut off from the nearest villages for many years and communication with it was only by water. The locals knew much more than fishing and making oil and wine.  They told legends, painted churches with pigments created from minerals, built castles and sang long prayer songs.

The very atmosphere of the city is full of love, the streets are full of flowers and from any cafe you can see the water of the lake. Malcesine will be our inspiration for this retreat.


1° Day


14:00 We meet at the port of Malcesine and after the meeting and a short story of the city we go to paint the first evening work. On the shore, to the sound of the waves, Sveta will make a painting and explain how to use acrylic colors, think about the composition and get in tune with creativity. And then you will paint your masterpiece. This will be a session of pure creativity, relaxation and sviluppo personale. After painting we will walk around the town. History and legend. The mysterious fortress of Malcesine, the Egyptians, the journeys and Goethe's symbols.

19:30 Dinner in a fish restaurant run by a local family.

2° Day

Free your spirit

9:30 we go to paint in the fabulous lakeside village of Cassone.  We will tell you about three monks, the shortest river in the world, the treasures of a sunken ship from the 17th century. Boats, reflections, colorful houses, glows on the turquoise water - all this will remain on your paintings. We have lunch in a small restaurant on the water and continue to paint.

17:00 On our return, we climb to the highest point of the ancient castle, learn the secret of the Veronese princess and see the famous Madonna della Rocca Scaligera. Let's paint a delightful view from the mountain.

19:30 Dinner overlooking the lake.

3° Day

Get rid of fears

9:30 We paint a view of the medieval castle of Malcesine near the water. After lunch, the funicular to the top of Monte Baldo and we paint a phenomenal work from a height of 2000 m in the famous point of the "spirits of Monte Baldo"

19:30 Dinner in a restaurant of the mountain farmhouse.

4° Day

Goodbye greetings!

6:00 Let's paint a traditional sunrise - meditation. Let's bring in the first rays and the energy of the day. (Breakfast).

 10:00 a big final discussion of the painted works during the whole retreat. 

North Garda's Lake 2021

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