About us

Kiko and Sveta met in the high Himalayan lands about twenty years ago where they lived in search of answers on the paths of life and art.


 Kiko has practiced for years the art of miniature and botanical and naturalistic art with Indian masters, winning important prizes all over the world from England to America.


 Svetlana graduated with full marks from the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts "Surikov" and her projects range from incredible fictional characters and the colors of the Impressionists, a genre in which Svetlana is the undisputed master.


 In addition, Kiko and Sveta have for years painted frescoes in prestigious Russian villas with landscapes and giant flowers.


 Together in 2009 they founded the first art school in Moscow based on a new teaching method that allows young and old to express themselves using signs and colors.  Popular success led them to open a second school also in Moscow.


 For years, Kiko and Sveta have been taking their students around to paint and raise awareness of the culture of Italian art and good food and wine.